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par moi

si vous voulez

my name is kalen. i don't like capital letters or mean people. i like hugs and cookies. i like you. ♥
alice, alice in wonderland, ama lolita, angelic pretty, anime, apple cider, art, avant garde, bare feet, black peace now, body line, body modification, books, btssb, bubble tea, candy, cats, chocolate, classic literature, clouds, corsets, cosplay, cupcakes, dachshunds, dancing, decora, dogs, dolls, drawing, dreaming, edwardian clothing, egl, egl fashion, elegance, elegant gothic lolita fashion, emilie autumn, enya, europe, expression, fairies, fanart, fantasy, fashion, foreign exchange, foreign penpals, french, friends, gaming, glowsticks, gothic & lolita bibles, gothic literature, gothic lolita, gothic lolita bible, gothic lolita fashion, horror, horror games, hyperactivity, innocent world, j-pop, japanese art, japanese fashion, japanese pop culture, japanese street fashion, japanese uniforms, juliette et justine, kamikaze girls, kanon wakeshima, la puce à l'agonie, lace, language, laughing, letters, literature, loli, lolita, lolita fashion, love, magic, mana, manga, mary magdalene, maryjanes, metamorphose, metamorphose temps de fille, moi-même-moitié, music, musicals, my dog, nonfiction, painting, paranormal, parasols, pearls, petticoats, photography, piano, pigtails, plushies, poetry, princesses, purikura, rain, rainbows, reading, ribbons, rococco, ruffles, rule of rose, sanrio, sewing, sharpies, shiro lolita, silent hill, singing, smocking, striped socks, sugar, survival horror, sweeney todd, sweet lolita, the ring, tim burton, totoro, vampires that don't sparkle, victorian clothing, victorian maiden, video games, vintage clothing, violin, writing, writing letters, zombies, ,